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Posted by Joe Johnson on Mar 13, 2018 11:33:44 AM
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Your estimate is the most important factor in winning a potential customer's business. There are a few factors that go into having a quality estimate, information, clarity, and asthetics

  1. You want the bids from your business to stand out. An attractive estimate will make sure your's stays at the top of the pile. Make sure your estimate has your company logo and that the color scheme matches. 
  2. A detailed estimate is a good estimate. The more info you provide the more comfortable the potential customer is going to be. Being able to include images, maps, and high quality descriptions of the job is the difference between scoring the job or missing out. This is also crucial for your crew. Better estimate also means less mistakes from your team.
  3. What good is all that detail if your the one you're trying to convince cannot read the bid. Using an estimate that is typed instead of written takes out the issue of illegible handwriting, also being able to send the bid via text message or email means it won't ever be lost.

Now take a look at these two estimates and tell me what company you would give your business to. 

unnamed (2).jpg


Feb-28-2018 10-48-35.gif

Our main goal at SingleOps is to help you grow your business. We take pride in our estimating platform and we know it works. It is easy to fill out and the final product looks very professional. We work with you to make sure your templates match your brand. Want more information about how SingleOps' state of the art estimating tool will help your business? Schedule a FREE demo today!


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