How One Entrepreneur Grew His Green Industry Business to $100,000 in Monthly Bookings in Just Nine Months

Posted by Camille Wooddall on May 3, 2019 12:24:59 PM

When Tyler Burnett started Goat Turf in 2018, it was no surprise. Tyler had been in the lawn care business for practically his entire life. “I started cutting grass at an early age,” he said, “When I was 15, I got a lawnmower, a weed-eater, a blower, and a trailer and just started growing a lawn care & landscaping business.”

While he was in college, Tyler stopped working so that he could focus on his baseball career and he ended up playing with the Astros organization for a couple of years. After that, he ventured into other industries and became a manager at the Nissan manufacturing plant for a couple of years.

“I try to be as organized as possible. I want to know how my estimated and actual margins compare on each project.”

However, Tyler felt unsatisfied with his job, so when the opportunity to start a turf company presented itself, he took it. “I just wasn't thrilled and made the leap to leave. A guy asked me if I could turf his entire backyard because he knew I had been in a landscaping business. I did some quick research, realized a need in the local market, and I told him, ‘Yes’,” says Tyler.

Tyler discovered a huge opportunity to make money in the artificial turf industry. His business, Goat Turf, bloomed out of his first job in July of 2018. Since then, Tyler has been able to grow and scale his business extremely well. “It’s been crazy,” Tyler says.

His secret to success? Tyler says, “I try to be as organized as possible. I want to know how my estimated and actual margins compare on each project.” Clearly his attention to detail has paid off. In March of 2019, just nine months after its founding, Goat Turf generated $101,000 in revenue.

Goat Turf uses word-of-mouth marketing and referrals to find new customers, Tyler says this tactic works best for the market. He explains, “I'm staying efficient and dealing with people who know what they’re getting into. They’ve already asked their friends, ‘How much did this cost?’ So when they call me they know what to expect.” Artificial turf installation can be very expensive and Tyler knows it’s not for everyone.

“I'm big about investing in my business and investing in efficiency.”

Another reason Goat Turf has been so successful is because Tyler isn’t afraid to invest money back into his business. He says, “I'm big about investing in my business and investing in efficiency.” One thing Tyler has done to invest in efficiency is implement SingleOps. “Quick and accurate job costing is one of the biggest things I like about it,” Tyler explains. Accuracy is extremely important to Tyler because he wants to give his customers a fair price, while still being as profitable as possible. He explains, “I love being able to see my unit cost, see my price, and set my margins accordingly.

SingleOps has also helped Tyler save time on office work. “If there’s a software that's going to save me ten hours a week, I'm buying it,” says Tyler.

Goat Turf has big plans for the future. Tyler’s goal is to add another crew and to offer a maintenance package to his customers. Tyler says, “SingleOps will help keep track of what has and hasn’t been serviced and what’s on the schedule.” As his business continues to grow, Tyler believes if he keeps everything organized and efficient with the help of SingleOps, he’ll be the proud owner of a million-dollar business.

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